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Completely Free Weight Loss

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Are you flat out sick and tired of paying for weight loss programs that don't deliver as advertised?

I promise what you are about to see on the following pages or hear on the short video clips throughout the site is different from anything that you know (or think you know) about weight loss. What I reveal contradicts just about everything we as Americans believe are the best ways to fight the battle of the bulge; unfortunately most of us here in America (including myself until recently) are fighting that battle in a losing cause...that is until now!

I have developed this website to explain why this will soon become the most popular free weight loss program in America (notice I did not say diet) because I have addressed the three most common reasons why "diets" fail. See if they sound familiar:

     1. "Diets" are hard! ... and even harder to stay on -  When you hear the word "diet", you immediately

         start to think of eating a lot less food, and even worse eliminating the foods you love - which is hard. After

         you see and hear how much food you will be able to eat (including your favorite foods) with

      Completely Free Weight Loss , I promise you will not think of this as a "diet"... rather a weight loss

         program. Also most people looking to lose weight aren't just trying to drop those five or ten vanity pounds;

         they are usually looking to lose 25 pounds or more. For the folks in the 25 and more category, the struggle

         becomes staying on any program long enough to actually reach your weight loss goal. Whether it's because

         the program was just too extreme or there wasn't enough variety and flavor, eventually hunger and desire

         overcomes will know what I mean, the inevitable splurge then the diet is over.

     2. The plan didn't work for me - Even if you had the will power to stay on any given program long term, you

         may have experienced little or possibly no substantial weight loss. That's because most programs were not

         designed specifically for YOU! They usually do not take into account YOUR metabolic type, body or lifestyle.

     3. It was too expensive to stay on - So you found a plan that seemed to be working but it was costing you

         literally hundreds or even thousands of dollars because you had to buy their food, pills, powder or books. As

         soon as you made some progress you were writing out another check. Or what's worse - after you paid a

         premium price you discovered you paid for reason one or two listed above. Ring any bells?

If you are still reading this than I know we have plenty in common because I dealt with all of those issues and more which is how this website came about. I was tired of all of the weight loss gimmicks and sales pitches not to mention the expense in finding out that most programs were either too extreme or did not give me the results I wanted. I figured there had to be a better way and decided to take it upon myself to do my own research, deal with my own trials and errors (and trust me there were plenty of errors) and come up with a solution to those three main reasons for failure listed above. The result of all that work is what you see here:

Completely Free Weight Loss

So now let's take a closer look at those three reasons listed above and let me start with reason number three because I am sure that's the first thing you are asking yourself...


     Q: Is it completely free?

     A: ABSOLUTELY. I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to buy a diet or weight loss system only

         to get moderate or even zero results while paying a premium price. NOT ANYMORE! You will get the

         complete program, start to finish, every detail, and you will NEVER be asked for your credit card, to join a

         club, subscribe to a newsletter or buy a book.

Let's go to reason number two because ultimately isn't that the reason your still reading?

     Q: Can anything free really be effective and will it work for me?

     A: You'll have to be the ultimate judge of that, but after years of those trials and multiple errors mentioned

         earlier, I finally discovered a way to eat the foods I enjoy (you may have noticed the picture at the top of

         the page) and not only keep weight off but actually lose weight...all while giving ANYONE the flexibility to

         cater the program to themselves based on their individual taste and metabolic type.

OK, so now you're thinking that's all well and good but if this is just like any other program and I cannot stay on it long enough to see results...what difference does it make? I need to lose 50 pounds not just 25!

     Q: How can I stay on the program long enough to see results without giving in to typical food

          temptations or just giving up altogether?

     A: Because this program is NOT setting you up to fail. Unlike any other program that wants to limit your food

         selections or the amount you eat, this plan lets you enjoy YOUR favorite foods EVERYDAY in almost any

         quantity with few limitations. And I'm not talking about something frozen or pre-packaged; I'm talking about

         YOUR favorite recipes with food you bought from your store of choice or eating at YOUR favorite restaurant.

         If you could enjoy your favorite food everyday, is there a reason to quit before reach your goal?       

You might now be thinking "well in theory that all sounds great, but how about some proof".

Is a 90 pound body conversion in eleven months while eating burgers, pizza and wings proof enough?

Hard to believe? That's OK, I don't blame you for questioning the results which is why on the video clip below and throughout the entire website I strongly encourage you to verify everything you read or hear on this website on your favorite internet search engine or at the public library so that you can see for yourself that the information is truthful and accurate and based on thoroughly researched facts done by experts in their field, not done by myself or anyone affiliated with the Completely Free Weight Loss program!

Below is a picture of where I started...well sort of. When I started this process I had no intention of creating a weight loss program and was about 15 pounds heavier than the picture on the left. It was after I lost those first 15 pounds that I decided to take a picture of myself to show my progress. I'm happy to say that in less than one full year I was able to take a picture of myself now as the guy on the right! (not bad for eating pizza and wings!)
        BEFORE (was 15 lbs heavier than this to start)                           AFTER (less than 1 year later) 
If the pictures above aren't convincing enough and you don't feel it's worth your time to look any further, we'd like to say thank you for stopping by. If you have an extra minute you might want to at least review some of the info on the Tips and Secrets page; if nothing else you might find a tip or two that can help save a few pounds every year with little or no effort.

However, if what you have seen so far has at least made you say hmm...please feel free to review any and all of the information anywhere on the site. We have even provided a Contact Us page so that if you have any questions regarding anything at all you can send us your questions and they will be answered ASAP and Completely Free !