Completely Free Weight Loss

You MUST find 30 to 45 minutes everyday for physical activity.


You already know light to moderate physical exercise is very important when it comes to trimming down so it's no surprise to see that it is a big part of the Completely Free Weight Loss  system as well. Because this program gives you so many freedoms with the foods you eat, you must find the time to implement 30 to 45 minutes a day of some form of added physical activity. The only one that is an absolute must is walking; however we have included a few others that we have tried with great success that you may eventually want to consider once you feel your body is ready for it.

Remember this, when I first started I was in not in good enough physical condition to do anything more than walk. PLEASE start slowly and for the first 30 to 60 days, try to build your stamina and endurance by doing nothing more than walking. Once that day comes when you are physically ready to move on to something that challenges you beyond walking, I promise you will start to see even faster results!

Below are the activities that were most effective for overall weight loss but you are certainly not restricted to these five. Find a way to get active, check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you and get started!
As previously mentioned on various pages throughout the website, you should ALWAYS consult with your family doctor, physician or health care provider before beginning any fitness or exercise routine.
Here are brief descriptions of different physical activities we participated in to reach our weight loss goals. Each activity has a page with full explanations and are linked below:  

Walking - An absolute must when first starting the program, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to work it into your routine EVERYDAY. We took it slow in the beginning by just walking our dog and before we knew it the dog was having a hard time keeping up with us!
Swimming (optional) - A fun alternative to walking, swimming offers virtually zero impact on your feet and joints while burning a few more calories in the same amount of time. If you occasionally have access to a pool, try replacing walking with swimming a few times a month.
Jogging (optional) - By far my least favorite physical activity of everything I tried but certainly one of the most effective; jogging really helps to increase your stamina, burns plenty of calories and boosts metabolism. The only real cost is a good pair of running shoes (which really makes a difference). When I finally started to do some jogging I was 43 years old and had some issues with my knees, feet and ankles. If you have some concerns with joint pain like I did, check out the jogging link and we'll explain what we did that really helped.
Biking (optional) - Quite honestly biking caught me by surprise. An activity that we are now working into our routine on a regular basis, I always thought biking was the "lazy man's" alternative to jogging because you were seated and you got to coast down hills. We explain how wrong we were on the biking page.
Resistance Training (recommended) - Try not to confuse resistance training with strength training. Although you certainly will be stronger, it's not going from station to station in a gym lifting heavy weights. An activity you can do right in the comfort of your own home, resistance training offers a way to burn calories both during and after a workout while firming up your entire body. We explain why it's highly recommended but quite different from strength training on the resistance training page.

I want to remind you that before you begin any fitness or exercise routine or program you should consult with your family doctor, physician or health care provider to make sure it is safe for you. I want you to not only lose weight but to be safe in doing so.